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April 4th, 2020

Antique Toys, Antiques, & Autographs 

Firefighting collection featuring pressed steel from Buddy L, Keystone, Marx, Structo, Smith Miller, Doepke, Turner, Tonka, New Era, Japan Tin, Cast Iron & Wood. Firefighting signs, 1890s hose reel, helmets, gear, nozzles, Medals, ephemera. 1900s British biscuit tin collection, Chein, Ohio Art & Atlantic City Sand toys. Maggie & Jiggs Butler stands. Arcade, A.C. Williams & Hubley cars & Garage. Lincoln, Wyandotte, Mint boxed Buddy L Pressed steel. German Steam engines & toys including Bing, Marklin, Fleischmann & Schoener. Marx, Lindstrom, Buffalo toys, Japan Tin toys. Still Banks, Advertising & NYC sign. Antiques, early Sun Records Elvis and Johnny Cash. Boxed Britains. Autographs including very important Bruce Lee signed personal martial arts book. Kilgore Jr. Dynamite boxed set. Promo cars, 1930s Art Deco rubber cars, Lionel & AF trains, Frank Marshall Carved ventriliquist heads, & much more!

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